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Switchback Developers Limited (SDL) is a Ghanaian company registered to engage in property development and management and a Special Purpose Joint Venture Company formed for the sole purpose of undertaking a series of High Class Mixed-Use development facility dubbed “The Switchback Park Project” that sits on a 16.77acre plot within the Switchback road enclave situated between Liberation Road and Switchback Road opposite the 37 Military Hospital and adjacent to the Army Officer’s Mess. The Liberation Road /Independence more »

Development Projects

The Development Projects originally comprise of the following:

Development AHotels

Development BOffice Blocks

Development COffice Blocks

Development DAdinkra Heights

Development EApartments

Development FApartments

Development GApartments

Development HApartments

Ongoing Projects

Adinkra Heights

Out of the 8 development packages to be constructed, only one Residential Apartment (Adinkra Height) has commenced. Actual construction started in January 2014 after securing the required building permit and funding and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2018.

The Adinkra Heights as it was named is a twin block of 10 and 6 floors respectively made up of 77 units of accommodation made up as

  • 17 units of 2 Bedroom apartments
  • 49 unites of 3 Bedroom apartments
  • 9 units of 4 Bedroom apartments
  • 2 Penthouses

The structure is designed to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and adaptable.